A partial restoration could be any area of the vehicle and can range from a single panel replacement to minor rust repair to freshening up the interior or under the hood. A "frame on" restoration also falls into this category. This is where all the outer visible areas are addressed but the entire car is not totally disassembled as in a full restoration.

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Basically taking a classic that is 30-40 or 50 year old car and bring it into the modern century. We all love the looks of the classic vehicles but some of the old systems leave a lot to be desired. Some of the most common upgrades would be; brake system, steering, suspension, engine and transmission. We here at Bande Auto Body specialize in LS swaps, turbo set ups or full drivetrain swaps. There are almost unlimited possibilities for modern upgrades for better power, comfort, safety and to personalize your vehicle.

A full restoration puts a car in the same condition or better then when it was new. This process includes not only repair of the parts that can be seen – the body, the trim, the chrome, the wheels, the dash board and interior – but also the parts that are not necessarily visible including the drivetrain, engine compartment, suspension, trunk, frame, brakes, cooling system, and electrical system.

Here at Bandy Auto Body, we use the Global Solutions top of the line Vertex paint booth along with a fully enclosed mix room filled with all PPG and 3M products. Our booth uses Global's AdvancedCure accelerated airflow system as well as heated floors to help heat up all panels for proper chemical transfer along with pressure balancing to maximiz airflow for a dust free perfect paint job every time. 

Nothing but white glove treatment here. This is where the "pre-build" stage pays off. because all of the assembly parts we are pre-fitting prior to final bodywork and paint every part for the assembly fit without a hitch. No drilling holes on fresh paint to fit the emblems or molding clips. This assures a top quality finished product.



Polishing & Buffing

Our mixing room is filled with all top of the line PPG and 3M products. It is also sealed to our Vertex paint booth and has a ventilation system to keep a dust free environment for every project. 


Custom Fabrication

We have a dedicated team of professionals who take extreme pride of every vehicle they touch. Here at Bande Auto Body, every car is treated like a show car. Unlike some restoration shops we do not farm out our body work and paint. We have our own modern paint booth on premises, we control every aspect in-house! We take all of the steps to create a flawless and lasting paint finish for your classic!

We are a certified collision center that meets and exceeds OEM standards and procedures. We work with all insurance companies using only OEM parts. We strive for perfect fit and finish with an extremely quick turn around to get your daily driver back on the road.

Windshield replacements are available. With our PPG product line our resprays are perfect blends and OEM color match.

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YES, that's a reflection you see. We also offer complete cleaning and polishing services for your vehicles moldings and brightwork. We can remove small dings and light scratches. Make your original molding look new again along with complete service of wet sanding and buffing to make that paint job a mirror finish.

Custom final assembly


Partial restoration

Our global booth

We take care of hail damage and door dinges without removing exterior paint. If some hail damage or door dings are severe enough, paint removal may be necessary along with respray which we have all capabilities to repair your vehicle correctly. We work with all insurance companies for hail damage and all related repairs. Call any time to set up an appointment.


Painless dent repair (pdr)

We’re not just about building your dream car; we’ll also keep it running down the road. We perform anything from a simple oil change and lube, to tune ups, brake work, electrical problems and detailing. Unlike modern repair shops we know how to maintain and repair classic vehicles.

Many people do not realize that a quality restoration shop like Bande Auto Body and produces a car with a fit and finish that is most often better than the factory original. In our experience the pre-build is the most important part of the build. We go the extra mile to ensure that all panel gaps are consistent and properly aligned, that the car sits square and everything lines up perfectly. We pre-fit and install every piece of exterior trim like bumpers, grille, moldings, mirrors and emblems. This attention to detail ensures a quality finished product.

Our mixing room


We repair and replace headliners, carpets, seats, door panels, dashes & instruments. In addition, we align the doors, panels and body panels properly, restoring the "as new" factory or custom look to your classic automobile. We can build an interior from completely stock to customers specs or from the type of restoration from stock to all out custom. We even do seat cover replacement or patch inserts on daily driver cars also. Whether you are looking for a quick cleanup or a brand new interior, we can do the job.

Disassembly and blasting

We offer complete tear down of any make and model; blasted with aluminum oxide and with the option of coating all panels in CRE (corrosion resistant epoxy) to fully product your freshly blasted body from any elements and a great foundation to start your restoration on.

full restoration

We have all sizes ranging from small -- 2XL

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Fabrication is an important part of any restoration and especially on a resto-mod or custom. Not all parts fit perfectly, adjustments to the part or to wear it is mounting is necessary, also when replacement parts are not readily available. Almost every project will require some level of fabrication to allow for proper assembly and provide the correct look and feel. We also do custom turbo set ups along with any other fabrication needed for your car.

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